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If you wish to reduce inventory and highlight problem areas


Then ICE Lean® is the system for you

What is ICE Lean® and how can it help you?

ICE Lean® is an electronic kanban system targeted at manufacturing facilities that wish to use pull-planning in their supply chain. ICE Lean® complements existing ERP systems by adding full featured pull-planning and lean manufacturing capabilities. ICE Lean® is a tool to assist the move towards lean manufacturing and to continuously improve lean manufacturing capabilities.

It provides production planning capabilities, whilst providing an excellent horizontal overview of the business value stream by highlighting bottlenecks and displaying WIP, lead times, right-first-time and other important KPI’s. ICE Lean® is a web application that you access through your preferred internet browser – no software need be installed. This makes it easy to use and to share information, also from remote or geographically dispersed locations where data must be accessible.

Your advantages with ICE Lean®

ICE Lean® creates value for our customers by optimizing internal and external value streams.


  • Minimises inventory / stock levels
  • Prevents stock-outs
  • Highlights problem areas and identifies bottlenecks
  • Features advanced electronic kanban functionality for pull-planning and dynamic real time prioritisation of orders
  • Monitors KPIs
  • Task prioritization

ICE Lean® explained

Scalable from a single kanban loop to global value stream

ICE Lean® is a scalable solution. Implementations are often enterprise wide, optimising the global value stream, but smaller implementations, perhaps limited to monitoring inventory levels or controlling a single kanban loop, can also be of great value.

Integration with current inventory system

ICE Lean® integrates with current inventory systems, providing complete production requirement suggestions. It delivers intuitive, relevant information to everyone as and when they need it. The inventory overview provides instant verification of all dispositions. Electronic kanban facilitates dynamic online prioritisation between orders, and provides a visual overview of flow, work in progress and KPI’s.

Vendor Management Inventory

With electronic kanban, pull-planning can be extended externally to include sub-suppliers with much more accuracy than the normal min/max stock replenishment strategy, e.g. facilitating VMI. Effectively, this will prevent stock-outs and reduce the overall inventory. The ICE Lean® philosophy is to support the enterprise, not dictate it. Its configurability makes ICE Lean® invaluable in the continuous change and optimisation efforts to become leaner.