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ICE Batchmanager

ICE Batchmanager®

Fast batch release & Electronic workflow guidance 

ICE BatchManager® is an Electronic Batch Records system that replaces manual and paper based procedures with electronically guided workflows and generates electronic batch records.

ICE Equipment

ICE EquipmentLog®

Increased availability & Excellent search options

ICE EquipmentLog® is a powerful electronic equipment log designed to replace paper based equipment logs.

The system supports electronic signatures and is designed for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. 

ICE Lean

ICE Lean®

Reduces inventory & Highlights problem areas

ICE Lean® is an electronic kanban system targeted manufacturing facilities that wish to use pull-planning in their supply chain. The system complements existing ERP systems by adding full featured pull-planning and lean manufacturing capabilities.



Overall Equipment Effectiveness 

ICE OEE® monitors equipment effectiveness, and provides real time visualisation of OEE data. ICE OEE® identifies the main sources of loss and displays data to support fact based improvements. 



Excel Security Module

The ICE ESM® is designed to ensure that data in Excel spreadsheets is not accidentally entered, modified or deleted, and to provide electronic signatures, full-audit trail and review functionality when working with a spreadsheet. 

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We provide service and support for all ICE Solutions.

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