About us

Who are we?

ICE is a software and engineering company. We strive to be trail blazers in the development of GxP critical solutions and high-level automation and validation services for FDA-regulated industries.

We provide software solutions that help you manage your core processes, drive innovation and gain a competitive edge, while improving manufacturing performance and optimising logistics. ICE lean manufacturing solutions are configurable to meet FDA and EMEA regulations for CFR 21 Part 11 and ensure compliance with GxP requirements.

ICE was founded in Denmark in 2000 by Lars Gabe, M.Sc.E.E. Before founding ICE, Lars built power stations in Africa, worked as a production engineer for Danisco Sugar and was employed by Novo Nordisk where he was in charge of engineering, construction and validation of some of the most advanced pharmaceutical factories in Japan and elsewhere.

We believe in creating mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with our customers through teamwork, skill and entrepreneurship and we’re dedicated to adding value to our customers. We’re specialists in GxP critical solutions and supply chain management. We understand leading-edge technology and through our efforts in innovating and utilising technologies to maximum capacity, we help our customers stay competitive and on the cutting edge of modern manufacturing.

ICE - Intelligent Creative Engineering

ICE Values

At the heart of ICE lies teamwork, competence and entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to create value for our customers, and we are experts in the areas of life science manufacturing, regulatory compliance and software development.

We know the pros and cons of modern technology, and using our effort to innovate and utilize technology to the fullest, we help our clients to create new frontiers of modern life science manufacturing.

ICE Innovation®

We take great pride in the fact that we have a strong customer reputation for effectively solving challenges and supplying value adding systems with a high ROI. We go to great lengths to offer superior quality, service, support and integration. We’re focused on growth, and will continue to improve our competences. We grow with our customers.

Dedicated and talented employees are the key to our success. We focus on constant learning and new opportunities, for which reason we have established the learning centres ICE University® and ICE Innovation®. We share our knowledge with our customers and partners. Empowerment – delegating responsibility to dedicated people! We will keep improving and extending our competences. We grow together with our customers.

Rooted in our ICE Glacier® technology platform, our solutions provide strong business advantages to our customers.

ICE University®

ICE University® is a forum for sharing new knowledge and frontline technologies. We focus on constant learning and new opportunities. Once or twice a month we arrange ICE University® seminars. The subjects may have professional relevance or be of more general interest. We share our knowledge with our customers, partners – and students who are also invited to participate in ICE University®, if the subjects on the agenda are relevant.