Do you work in Excel and need a tampering safeguard?


Then ICE ESM® is the Excel security module you need.

What is ICE ESM® and how can it help you?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are often used in GxP regulated environments. but Excel does not provide the necessary features to make spreadsheets GxP compliant. This is why we developed ICE ESM®. The ICE ESM® is designed to ensure that data in Excel spreadsheets is not accidentally entered, modified or deleted, and to provide electronic signatures, full-audit trail and review functionality when working with a spreadsheet.

The ICE ESM® itself is an Excel spreadsheet that contains the needed GxP related features. It is simply copied into, and becomes part of, your spreadsheets. Therefore no additional software need be installed to use the ICE ESM®. Copying the ICE ESM® into an existing spreadsheet can be performed by any competent Excel user by using the ICE ESM® installer (another Excel spreadsheet), and configuration is done in a configuration sheet. No knowledge about macros or programming is required.

Working with a spreadsheet with the ICE ESM® installed does not differ from working with any other spreadsheet, except that the user may be prompted for username and password when entering data or changing previously entered data.

Your advantages with ICE ESM®


  • Easy to install and highly configurable
  • Does not required installation of software on the user’s computer
  • Provides electronic signatures
  • Provides full audit-trail
  • Provides data review
  • Provides safeguards against tampering (MD5 Checksum)
  • Provides validation documentation
ccess anywhere any time
  • It removes the standard menus and replaces them with a custom menu with the options provided by the ICE ESM®.
  • It calculates an MD5 Checksum on the spreadsheet’s contents and compares it with the Checksum calculated before the spreadsheet was saved. If they differ the spreadsheet has been tampered with and the user is informed.
  • It checks that the spreadsheet is opened from a valid path using a valid version of Microsoft Excel under a valid version of Microsoft Windows. If not the user is informed.
  • It unlocks all cells configured as input cells, if they are empty – cells with data from previous sessions remain locked.
During use
  • It allows the user to enter data into open input cells.
  • It allows the user to unlock locked input cells.
  • It allows the user to review data.
  • Actions (entering data, unlocking input cells. etc.) are only allowed if the user provides a valid electronic signature.
  • It maintains full audit-trail of all actions performed by the user.
  • All menus, dialogs etc. are displayed in the configured language.

Standard header/footer is replaced with more flexible configured header/footer.

When a spreadsheet is saved and closed
  • It calculates and stores an MD5 Checksum for the spreadsheet’s contents.
  • It locks all open input cells.
  • It restores the default menus.