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Access your electronic logbooks anywhere, anytime.


ICE EquipmentLog® is the electronic equipment log for your digitalisation needs.

Get more value from your logbooks with ICE EquipmentLog®. Access your electronic logbooks anywhere, anytime. Support knowledge sharing, receive automatic notifications, and stay up to date with important events. Optimise logbook utilisation – and keep your logbooks compliant.

ICE EquipmentLog® is the electronic equipment log for your digitalisation needs.

Optimise efficiency and eliminate paper-based logbook systems with electronic logbook management

Electronic equipment logbooks – also known as elog or e-logbooks – allow you to optimise logbook utilisation and immediately access your logbooks from anywhere, at any time.

In life science industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotech, proper logbook management is essential. However, these industries typically use paper-based logbooks, often making log documentation an inefficient, challenging process.

Paper-based logbooks are costly, time consuming, and difficult to manage. Handwritten data entry in paper logbooks is error prone, and many logs are not completed appropriately. Some manufacturers also experience missing logbooks; their logbooks are taken away for review, misplaced, or perhaps even lost.

These factors expose manufacturers to serious GMP compliance risks. Electronic equipment logbooks can minimise these risks by digitising logbook management, thus eliminating paper-based logbook systems.

Get more value from your logbooks with ICE EquipmentLog®

ICE EquipmentLog® provides electronic logbook management designed to increase the value you get from your logbooks.

With ICE EquipmentLog®, you are guaranteed:

  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliance
  • Access to logbooks anywhere, anytime
  • Easy and up-to-date knowledge sharing and continuous improvement

ICE EquipmentLog® explained

Ensure logbook compliance with ICE EquipmentLog®

ICE EquipmentLog® is built for the complex compliance needs of industries such as pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and biotech. The e-logbook ensures CFR 21 Part 11 compliance, minimising compliance risks and enforcing good documentation practices.

EquipmentLog® provides electronic signatures, electronic records, and easy input validation. The elog comes with a pre-qualification package, enabling users to notably reduce the time spent on manual tests and writing. The elog ensures data integrity through organised digital archiving, meaning that all your data is saved; no data is ever misplaced or lost.

ICE Solutions’ electronic equipment logbook provides complete digital management of any GMP log anywhere, anytime. Data validation can be configured to ensure the quality of data input, and the solution’s user-friendly review functionality further supports the compliance of all logbook entries.

The elog also offers templates which can be configured to ensure that specific and required data is entered, minimising the risk of human error in the logging process.

Access your electronic logbooks anywhere, anytime

With ICE EquipmentLog®, your electronic logbooks are always accessible and available. The solution is a web application that can be accessed at any time from any device connected to the intranet. This allows users to easily stay up to date with equipment status, as well as plan and execute QA review and approval.

Designed with the end user in focus, the elog offers:

  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Easy, intuitive, and user-friendly operation
  • Customisable overview of logbooks

Log entries can include file attachments – e.g. screenshots – with any relevant information to ensure clear communication and knowledge sharing between users across devices.

The system features excellent search functionality and user configuration options, allowing users to easily find and access recently viewed documents and favourites. Users can also customise colours and icons for easy navigation, as well as schedule and receive system notifications and reminders for upcoming dates of important tasks – e.g. cleaning, calibration, preventive maintenance, and more.

High value – low maintenance

ICE EquipmentLog® allows you to get more value from your logbooks without spending your resources on time consuming maintenance efforts.

Because the solution is a web application accessed through your preferred browser, you need not install any software to access ICE EquipmentLog®. The elog is hardware independent and allows thousands of users to access the system with no strain on apps or installed software.

ICE EquipmentLog® is scalable and easy to maintain – no user administration or maintenance is required.

The solution offers:

  • A small digital footprint
  • Easy integration into equipment and other IT systems
  • Seamless integration with ICE BatchManager®

These features drastically reduce the time and resources spent on IT operations, allowing users to focus on equipment and manufacturing processes instead.

They also enable easy implementation of ICE EquipmentLog® with the purpose of replacing inflexible elog systems, which are often inefficient and costly to maintain and keep in compliance. This can help your company reduce the time and costs associated with electronic logbook management, as well as maximise your data integrity.