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ICE Batchmanager

ICE Batchmanager®

Fast batch release & Electronic workflow guidance 

ICE BatchManager® is an Electronic Batch Records system that replaces manual and paper based procedures with electronically guided workflows and generates electronic batch records.

ICE Equipment

ICE EquipmentLog®

Increased availability & Excellent search options

ICE EquipmentLog® is a powerful electronic equipment log designed to replace paper based equipment logs.

The system supports electronic signatures and is designed for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. 

ICE Lean

ICE Lean®

Reduces inventory & Highlights problem areas

ICE Lean® is an electronic kanban system targeted at manufacturing facilities that wish to use pull-planning in their supply chain. The system complements existing ERP systems by adding full featured pull-planning and lean manufacturing capabilities.



Overall Equipment Effectiveness 

ICE OEE® monitors equipment effectiveness, and provides real time visualisation of OEE data. ICE OEE® identifies the main sources of loss and displays data to support fact based improvements. 



Excel Security Module

The ICE ESM is designed to ensure that data in Excel spreadsheets is not accidentally entered, modified or deleted, and to provide electronic signatures, full-audit trail and review functionality when working with a spreadsheet. 

Service & Support

We provide service and support for all ICE Solutions.

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